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The Small Queendom Podcast

Sep 17, 2018

Married or unmarried, this is the episode for you! Heather Patenaude of the newly launched Your Marriage Mosaic YouTube channel brings the marriage fire this week. Heather and her husband John are seasoned marriage mentors and have weathered all of the highs and lows of married life. We talk about hacking your everyday life by knowing you and your partner's strengths (Clifton StrengthsFinder by Gallup), the best practices for real, effective communication, and how, even in their mid-40's, they have their most active and fulfilling sex life now (and they're probably outdoing all of us!) Heather is fearless and no subject is off limits so let's get listening!

*Next week, 9/24/18 there will be no scheduled episode released, I will be traveling so take time to catch up on an episode you missed! I'll be back on 10/01!* 

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