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The Small Queendom Podcast

Jun 6, 2018

Welcome to the Queendom! Coming June 11th.  Part personal development and part lifestyle podcast, join Leah Graham as she unpacks life, business, faith, health, self-care, the home, and all the other things that make up what she likes to call her "queendom".  More about Leah: while she loves a good strategy session or creative brainstorm, she is a mama of two young babes and once upon a time was a classical pianist and right now her favorite thing is a good chat. Leah is a Diamond leader in doTERRA leading thousands of families in the natural health care movement with essential oils. From the overflow of her experience in the business, she has been inspired to dive in to upleveling her mindset and daily habits creating what she refers to as "better living". This podcast is the result of an unexpectedly rewarding journey of deep self-work, counseling, personal development, and leadership training. But really, she is just wanting to make new friends and inspire others to show up as their better-selves. Have a listen and stick around for a while!