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The Small Queendom Podcast

Sep 23, 2019

RAW MILK!  Part 2

Got milk? Raw milk that is! Let’s finish up with part 2 of last week's episode. We are picking up right where we left off, Dwayne is going to share about Goshen's Creamery and how it is truly the best compromise for those not able to take part in a herd share or no longer wanting to buy convention dairy. There are lots of angles to this conversation and it is not cut and dry. As consumers we can use our dollars to decide where we want the food industry to go. Your spending habits are powerful.  I hope you feel inspired to seek out the farmers in your area and find the ones using innovative and responsible methods! 



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Theme: “Sweet Georgia” by Assaf Ayalon
Outro: Arcade by Generation Lost
Transition: “Franz” by Tomas Herudek
Ad: “Edo by Dawn” by A. M. Beef